Went to Pittsburgh as an ad agency trainee. Lived in Pittsburgh for 14 years and became General Manager of that office and transferred to New York City in 1981 living in Short Hills, New Jersey. Moved to Charleston, South Carolina area in 1991 for the beach, golf and warmer weather! Now President of my own ad agency here, Zimmerman & Murray Associates, Inc. I'm still an avid Eagles, Phillies, Flyers and Sixers fan after all these years. I expect the Eagles to get their act together this year and get back to playing better football. Hoping for good year from the Phillies. With internet, I check the Philly newspapers sports daily.







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Website brought back some memories (and also a good memory test
of 40 years ago). As you know, many of those brain cells have
evaporated. First class in, first class to graduate. Mrs. Muldoon in
English. Mr. Yeagley for Latin. Good kids. A different time and place.
A LONG time ago (and getting longer every day). Only good memories.
Best to everyone.
Married to wife Kathy 38 years this October. Chareleston, SC area now for 15 years and we really enjoy this part of the world. My three children also live here, Kristina, who has provided our two grandchildren so far; Scott, who graduated from Georgia Tech several years ago and married a girl from England last year, and Steven, who is a Junior at Clemson and an aspiring writer. After Sun Valley, I graduated Penn State with Journalism degree

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Arthur Zimmerman - (Art)
Haven't been back to Sun Valley HS area since 15th reunion. Took up
running last year to lose weight (dropped 45 lbs. to 165. Still running
daily year and a half later. I try to run 5 days or so a week, around 20 miles a week, then little more when training for a 26 mile marathon. I'm not fast at our age, but I get tremendous sense of accomplishment for just finishing that distance. I run some 1/2 marathons, 10K and 5K races as well during the year. Ran the NY Marathon couple years ago and it was an unreal experience with 35,000 runners and 2 million spectators along the route lining both sides of the streets the whole way. One of my sisters married classmate Kathy McFadden's brother lots of years ago and they have three children, two out of college, one going in.