I've worked as a dental assistant, beautician, secretary, box office assistant at the Wilmington Opera House, secretary for the Conductor of the Nashville Symphony Orchestra, office manager/bookkeeper for a federally-funded day care center and later for a pastoral counseling center in Nashville. I worked for 19 years at ARINC, Inc. in Annapolis doing mostly technical drafting and design and technical documentation. Our family has lived in Chester, PA, New Castle, DE, Oxford, PA, Nashville, TN, and now Prince Frederick, MD.






621 Willow Way
Prince Frederick, MD 20678
My personal life mostly centers on our family and church community. I love teaching second-grade CCD, taking communion to patients in the hospital and shut-ins, singing in the choir, pro-life and Cursillo activities, taking meals to the local homeless shelter, and for the past two years have served as the president of the First Ladies of the Fourth Degree, an auxiliary of the Knights of Columbus. I also like gardening, making rosaries and jewelry, and, of course, playing with Annie--my little fluffy personal trainer!

I've been married for 42 years to Ed Waskiewicz, a 1964 graduate of Chichester High School. We have two children, Nicole (40) and Ed, Jr. (38). Ed and his wife, Tracey, have given us four perfect grandchildren, Brittany (18),Toby (12), McKennah (8), and Nyla (2). Nicole is not married. In February of 2007,we added to our family an adorable little cairn terrier named Annie. Ed, Sr. is the Associate Comptroller of the University of Maryland (Go Terps!) and hopes to retire in around three years. Nicole is an independent sales rep in the field of fine art, and Ed is an electrician out of the Washington, DC union. I attended beautician school immediately after graduation and have accumulated around 30 college credits in various subjects.

I remember practicing in the sweltering summer heat to prepare for the thrill of marching onto the football field and in parades with the color guard. I remember the genuine caring and gentle firmness of Mr. Yeagley and many other talented and dedicated teachers who wouldn't accept less than our best effort. I remember split sessions, living .99 miles from school and walking in every imaginable weather condition as the school buses passed us by. I also remember that, on the really awful days, Connie McCue's dear mother would drive us in her pajamas and housecoat. I remember praying for the phone to ring and hiding under the covers talking on the phone until the wee hours and then hating to get up and being late for school the next morning. I remember dancing anywhere and anytime, pajama parties where we watched Roland on Shock Theatre until very late and then were afraid to go to sleep for fear of nightmares. I remember palming our cigarettes as the school bus went by, stopping for a soda after school, and waiting until the very last moment to do my assignments. I remember trying everything I could think of to get the curl out of my hair and wondering if my little, skinny self would EVER grow up. (Note to self: "Be careful what you wish for!") I remember crying my eyes out after graduation, because I had just turned 17, and I didn't feel ready to be out in the cold cruel world. Well the world turned out not to be so cold or cruel and the Lord has blessed my life beyond anything I could have imagined all those years ago.
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Nancy (Will) Waskiewicz - (Nancy)