After Sun Valley worked for a couple of years as a lab technician for
Avisun in Marcus Hook, then served as a 1LT in the Army Engineers
in Vietnam. Main career for the last 32 years has been as a safety
engineer/manager for Aetna, and the last 6 years as a safety
consultant for Travelers after they bought the Aetna business.
Lived in Newark, DE from 1970-82, moved to the Pittsburgh area
until 1990, then we landed in Manchester, CT.







290 Scott Dr.
Manchester, CT 06040
Stock market, computers, genealogy, reading and skiing, but haven't
done much of that lately. Waiting for the market to rebound so we can
retire, buy an RV and begin traveling.

Mrs. Muldoon and Mr. Ruth. A brand new, big empty school in 1959.
Walking to/from school in all kinds of weather with 2" of snow on my
head. Skidding my dad's car into the back of Miss Scippioni's new
Corvair. My '57 Chevy convertible. Playing the undertaker in Our Town.
Track meets.

(860) 646-6507
Married Edie Novick in 1970 and still going strong. Two children,
Jeffrey, a computer systems analyst in Hartford, CT and Stephanie,
an aerospace engineer "my daughter the rocket scientist" in Tucson,
AZ. Neither are married, no grandchildren yet and seems like none on
the horizon. When I got home from the army, started night school at
PMC. Got married, started a new job, had two kids and got a BS in
Engineering all in 5-1/2 years of night school.

Ralph Willing - (Ralph)