Although I have had my hat in MANY fields of endeavor, and had my ownbusiness and .com website at the last, due to illness and injuries I am unableto work since about 2007, but I enjoy keeping busy on Facebook and wish Icould join you with the REUNIONs (missed last one too).







April 6, 2017

Don't have time for hobbies -- but I love to draw, write, and listen to music and
travel when I can.

Dorothy (Ward) Stelma - (Dottie)
I have a wonderful family thru a 36 plus year marriage, 3 sons, 3 grandsons
since I chose family as much as career, after I graduated Goldey Beacom
College in DE with Honors on a work-study program with DuPont for executive
secretaries. Since then on my own I achieved a degree in court reporting from
LaSalle University but chose to work behind the scenes as a notereader and at
times employed as a legal secretary as well, which took me to several states,
and founding a residence in Texas for a period of time while employed in
Federal Court there. Meanwhile before that I had worked for Delaware County
Chamber of Commerce and various assistant executive positions.

I remember sweating my hair off at the graduation at the Sun Center...and yes, it
meant a lot then with all you put into your hair - men NOW will know what I
mean. I remember something about being caught smoking in the bathroom by
the art teacher - she would let me go, you just know it was the "art" thing and
well you know - and after all I was "academic" and a senior - oh, heck I knew
then how to negotiate and who could do what in SV. There were so many
things we did not have then, but never knew it was missing.......I remember
thinking we would also be the same, and be in the same place forever.....but we
do have to move on to our individual paths and destiny..... I am so happy to
think that I can come back home with all of you again.