Most of my teaching career has been in Delaware high schools teaching Marketing and DECA. Along with my day job, I have taught college courses for Goldey Beacom College, Delaware Technical and Community College, and Delaware State College. I have taught personnel courses for the Department of Labor and courses for pollworkers for the Departmant of Elections. I'm still working the Santa business. Christiana Mall on Sundays, Concord Mall on Mondays and numerous home, office, and business visits.







816 Jeffrey Pine Dr
Hickory Woods
Bear, DE 19701
All of my fondest memories of so very long ago center around a gang of nice
kids who got out of school 1/2 a day to go to work, and were members of a
club called DECA. I have these fond memories because of a great teacher,
George McGorman...Bless his soul!

(302) 836-9515
Daniel Slipetsky - (Dan)

As the House Manager, I am busier now than I ever have been. It's a real circus trying to keep up with who's home for dinner? Who's cooking? What time does Hope's dance class begin? How about her swim lesson?....Who has time for hobbies?

After 4 years in the Air Force, I had been teaching Marketing and DECA in Delaware high schools since 1973. My 1st marriage to Carol Pfander (23 years), ended tragically when my wife died of brain cancer.

Since graduating from Delaware State University with a BS in Marketing Education, I have completed my Masters in Vocational Education at Temple University, and a doctoral program from the University of Delaware, receiving a Ed.D. in Educational Leadership in 1990. I am now totally retired (or is it retarded?)... something with an "r". I serve as the House Manager to my wife Shirley, my daughter Apryl and my grandbaby Hope. I named my grandbaby by accident. When her mom first told me she was pregnant, I said "I HOPE the hell she survives this goofy family of ours! Come to think of it, that would be a good name for her - Hope!" Apryl liked it and since day one she has been our hope and inspiration. Bless her heart. She is 5 now and attends Kindergarten at Caravel Academy. My son, Dan Jr. still lives in Tucson and is a jazz pianist.