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This I grew up in the Ridge and had friends for years there until my parents decided to move to West Chester just before my Junior year. The first Sun Valley football was a load of fun for me. We watched the school being built and it was great to go there. I hated my move away from you all.

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John Simpers - (John)
Motorcycles, cartooning, old cars, target shooting and writing are what I enjoy most. I'm also an Assistant Chief and state certified fire training officer on a volunteer fire department.

My wife Lynn just passed away due to COVID-19 on November 12, 2020. I have one son (Justin) and one grandson (Austin Noah). College graduate. Several professional courses in police science and fire science taken over the years.

Was a Vietnam helicopter pilot for two tours and spent more than 14 years in the military. Last military job was officer in charge of security for the Joint Chiefs of Staff at Site R near Camp David. Owned an executive protection service in California for many years. Retired now!!!