One son, one grandson, I have seen Linda Edwards a couple of times, a few years ago. She came up and spent the weekend with me and my boyfriend (hate that term). Unfortunately, my friend died rather suddenly, about 3 and a half years ago, and I am just now getting out and around again. I spent most of the first year in Tokyo, so I wouldn't have to be around anyone I knew. (If you ever want to feel like you are in a completely different world, I recommend working in Tokyo. A vacation wouldn't be the same. Sitting at a table in a big room with a hundred or so Japanese, very few of whom speak English, is really kind of fun. My last trip was two months, over Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years - the big 2000. Florida seemed very weird to me when I finally came back!)
Education - too many technical courses to list.

Worked after graduation with Janet Pollock, whose brother Barry just got engaged to my sister Gini. After marriage, discovered computers, and been working with them ever since. I spent a LOT of time teaching software operations courses in Holland (in Den Haag). I spent about a year as the on-site customer representative at various phone companies in Tokyo and Kawasaki. And just a little while spent in Denmark teaching classes, and a very little bit of time in Portugal. I have taken early retirement. I really have had a great career, and hope to start another one! It seemed funny sometimes, that I ended up sitting in Delta business elite class, guarding my champagne from those people in coach! I don't say that to brag, just that it was so far from Parkside and from what I thought I would be doing.







Riverview, FL
How nice and supportive Mr. Neye and Mrs. Muldoon were. Wished I had worked
harder in Mr. Yeagley's class.

Donna (Pidcock) Unlisted - (Donna)

Reading, decorating, travelling - have been to Australia, New Zealand, Spain,
Bermuda, Bahamas, the usual Caribbean cruise one day stops, and lots of places
here in the USA, on vacation. I still like to read the Japan Times online, still
correspond with some of the people I worked with, and have just found that I can
watch the sumo bouts live - if I wake up at about 2 in the morning and get to the
offical website.

Love Florida - hope to retire to a condo on the beach some day.