USAF: 1968-1972, Foreign Technology Division (white collar spy)
USAF: 1972-1973, Det 2 SAMSO, Woomera, SA (tracking station
installation team)
USAF: 1973-1977, Armament Development Test Center, Elgin AFB, FL
(system safety engineer things that go boom in the night safe)
USAF: 1977-1980, Electronic Systems Center, Hanscom AFB, MA.
(developing USAF radar approach control upgrade.)
USAFR: 1980-1995, Aeronautical Systems Center, Wright-Patterson
AFB, OH Reserve officer supporting various development offices.
Sanders Associates: 1980-1999, Nashua, NH system engineer/project
manager for range control and air traffic control systems. The big
projects I worked were the ATC system for the Tempelhof Airport, W.
Berlin, Germany, and the USAF Mission planning system.
The Vanguard Group: 1999-2002. software system testing in house
developed defined benefit applications.

After SV, I went to the University of Delaware and received a Bachelor
of Electrical Engineering without distiction - I was damn lucky I made it
through. I met my wife at UD after she transferred in her Junior year
(she helped me make it through). We were married Dec 30, 1967. Since
it was Jan 1968 when I finished, I decided to enter the Air Force and
headed off to Officer Training School in Feb. We relocated to Fairborn,
OH, where I was stationed at Wright-Patterson AFB. My son, Donovan,
was born there in 1971 and was raised for the next 9 years as an AF
brat. It was during this assignment when I took advantage of an
opportunity to get a Master of Science in Electical Engineering at Ohio
State University. (Why not? The AF paid for most of it.) After all of that
things were pretty hum-drum. The Air Force moved us around until we
decided to settle down in NH for 22 years. During the moves I got to
take a few system safety courses at University of Washington and USC
and, of course all of the professional military education courses. My
son grew up, had too much fun at UNH and almost didn't graduate, but
appropriate pressure saw him through. He finally finished and has
been working for several years as a network consultant. He married in
October 1999.







515 Kennelwoods Dr.
Elverson, PA 19520
Model Railroading, now that I have a real basement I can start a layout.
Wargaming: I've always had an interest in military history and
simulation of battles. I even partnered with a friend in Nashua, NH, to
publish a couple games.

I enjoyed chemistry and really enjoyed helping Mr. Ruth set up the
labs for our experiments. The hard part for me was English with Mrs.
Muldoon - I don't think I've read a novel since. But, I did marry an
English major! I enjoyed being the manager of the basketball team,
even though the student managers don't seem to get any respect
from the team. Oh, yes - "Yes, now you know! That's what it was like,
to ..." Simon Stimson from "Our Town". Yes I did make a few trips
through Peterboro, NH the town that was the basis for the play. I'll
add more as I think of them. I'm really looking forward to getting to
see some old classmates to renew old friendships.
(484) 875-9755
George Phillips - (George)