Nelson and I lived in Del for 10 years and moved to Maryland when
we bought an RV Park with my parents. Sold the Rv Park and have
worked different job. I now raise purebred Nubian Dairy Goats. My
gentlemen friend and I take the goats to shows on the east coast.







1220 Dudleys Corner Rd
Millington, MD 21651
I remember playing in the band and going to football games. Remember
having to ride on buses. Boys on one bus, girls on the other. Also
having to wear skirts to the knees. My how times have changed.

Married Nelson Taylor August 1964. I have 2 children Beth (35)she
has 3 children Amie, Allan, and Anna. Son John (33) he has 1 son
Brody. I have been a widow for 6 years.

(410) 928-5267
Carol (Parramore) Taylor - (Carol)
I enjoy spending time with my grandchildren, playing golf, traveling
and of course getting up at 6AM everyday to milk the goats.