I worked at Container Research in Glen Riddle for a short time and then
went to British Petroleum in Marcus Hook. Phyl and I took a vacation to
Florida in early 1973 and fell in love with it. We moved there immediately
and both completed our careers working for Grumman Aerospace in
Stuart Florida. We both retired early on our 55th birthdays in 2000. Phyl
was an Industrial Engineer and I was a Supervisor of the prototype shop,
machine shop, welding and plant tooling requirements (jigs and fixtures).
I had a lot of people to deal with and was sure glad to retire early.

I've been married now for almost 36 years to Phyllis (McFall) from
Drexel Hill, Pa. She picked me up at the Hot Shoppe in Upper Darby and
took my car keys away from me. We have two children, Rick the 3rd
(34), and Kimberly (32). We now have three grandchildren which live
directly across the street from us. Rick the 4th who was born on the 4th
of July(8), Daulton(7), and Alexandria (13). Our daughter Kim will be
having her first born this September, 2002. It will be a boy named Dylan
Michael. We can't wait! My wife Phyllis is the smart one with a college
degree. As for me, the only further education that I received was in the
Army. I was trained as a cook and was sure glad that they also trained
me to fire a weapon, I needed the protection at "chow" time!







301 S.E. Calmoso Dr
Port Saint Lucie, FL 34983
I did a lot of long distance running for many years, averaging 40 miles per
week. It all came to an end in 1998 when I came down with Guillain-Barre.
Now the only running I do is when the grandchildren challenge me by
saying "try to catch us OLD MAN"! I don't mess around, I send their father
after them. Now my time is spent doing the things that make me SMILE.
Some traveling, also fishing two or three Bass tournaments a month all
over Florida and sometimes Georgia. I operate a fish taxidermy business,
and have been doing it off and on for 36 years. The area we live in is called
the "Sailfish Capital of the World". When the snowbirds come down I can
accomodate their ego's by mounting their trophies for a mere $700 bucks
per fish. Remember, I do only the things that make me SMILE. :~D

Although there are many memories, the one that sticks in my mind most
is being thrown out of typing class for launching pencils from the letter
"H". I thought I would never need this skill, now I sit here typing this
with two fingers taking all day.

(772) 878-9085
Richard Macklem - (Rick)