August 9, 2007

Elizabeth Irons

Hi Bill & all,

I just got back from the funeral home and now getting ready for work. Noticed a basket of flowers from the SVHS '63 - What a wonderful gesture - thank you. I wasn't able to find the funeral announcement online until after 6:00 pm at work. Our home computer had a problem with mail - I could see the headline but it crashed when you tried to open it.

Mr.. Perkowski attended - looks a bit fragile due to his triple bypass - it was good to see Gordy, Mrs. Irons son, and his family. I also got to talk with Mrs. Irons brother and cousin; nice people. There were others that looked familiar but I couldn't stay.

Thank you
Judy (Schaible) Brutsche

From: Gail Springer (Stevens)  So sorry to read about Mrs. Irons' passing; she was a wonderful woman and helped me considerable all through high school when I was dealing with diabetes.