After leaving Sun Valley I went to PMC for one year, dropped out and went to
work for the A&P till I got my draft notice. I joined up (US Army) and was assigned to Orleans France and moved to Munich Germany, somehow missing a Vietnam tour. After my discharge in 1969 I worked at IBM in Philadelphia and later Delaware County for 23 years.
I have had four jobs since then. DecisionOne large system technical instructor and network administrator at Frazer, PA then a Network Instructor at CHI Institute in Broomall, PA.  After layoff, I worked for about six months at Maris Grove retirement community as a security guard.  And now in my last fulltime job (I hope), a network administrator for the state of Delaware.  The earliest I would retire would be October 18, 2012 when I have my 5 years of tenure.







44 Hunters Hollow
Glen Mills, PA 19342
I was married June 1969 while in the US Army in Germany. From that marriage I
have two sons, Michael and John. Divorced in 1983 and remarried to Jeanette
in 1991. From this marriage I now have two daughters (step-daughters), Lisa
and Sharon. Before I forget, also have one fiesty grandson, Paul.
The education side of my life is all technical. At the moment I am a networking engineer for the state of Delaware, working out of the Georgetown, DE office.
John Douthwaite - (JD)
Football, chorus, the mud when we started at the Valley, the dances and proms.
(610) 348-7838 (cell)
Love playing in the dirt (my yard and gardens) and going to the shore and
sitting at the beach.