My husband Wayne and I have two sons, Lyle and Brian. We moved away
from PA to attend graduate school. He got his Ph.D. in Chemistry in Utah.
We moved around a bit and then settled in Tucson, Arizona and have
been here for about 16 years now. We love it! Our sons are both teachers,
Lyle at Skyline High School in Mesa, Arizona and Brian at Pusch Ridge
Christian Academy here in Tucson. Lyle and Heidi have a little boy,
Jacob, 15 months old, and Brian and Laurel have two children, Shannon
two and half years old and Austin nine months. They are the loves of our
lives!!! I thought being a parent was the most wonderful thing in the
world, but these grandchildren are just the best!!! Some of you may
remember my mother, Thelma, who worked in the school cafeteria for
years. She loved you kids! I sent them this website and they are really
enjoying it. They are both doing very well and live in Mesa, Arizona.







4671 N. Shimuno Dr.
Tucson, AZ 85749
This is a sore point - I don't really have any hobbies, unless you count my
grandchildren. I love to read, and my husband and I are both in our
church choir, which takes a lot of our time.

Wayne works for IBM as a chemist/engineer, and I have worked for the
University of Arizona as an Administrative Assistant to a Regents
Chemistry Professor for 13 years.

I have so many wonderful memories of the band and all the fun we had
and places we went. Our world then was so different, innocent and simple.
Sometimes I long for those days - then again, I wouldn't want to go back to
high school. I enjoy my life now. God has been very good to me!

(520) 749-3594

Cheryl (Bennett) McKinley - (Cheryl)